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At Rise and Start we are your trusted partners in unlocking the pathways to personal and professional growth. With a dynamic blend of coaching and consulting expertise, we empower individuals and organizations to navigate challenges, embrace change, and achieve their aspirations. Our tailored approach is rooted in empathy, vulnerability, insight, and actionable strategies, designed to catalyze breakthroughs and foster sustainable success. Join us on a journey of discovery, development, and transformation. Below are all the consulting options we currently offer to leaders and organizations. Book a discovery session today and find out which is best for you and your organization. 


Don't Work Together- Rise together! 

The Five Behaviors

As a Certified Practicioner in The Five Behaviors framework for teams, I can help your organization build healthy teams. Developed with Patrick Lencioni, The Five Behaviors® empowers teams to rethink their approach to teamwork and shape new behaviors—taking your teams and organization to the next level. See the Five Behaviors Framework below and let's talk about how it can help your organization or business. 

Strategic Planning

Set A course and Rise! 

Strategic Planning Consulting will help you build a fundamental knowledge of strategic planning and goal setting, teaching you how to integrate both into the functioning of your department or organization. Ultimately, it will improve how you collaborate with other leaders to engender an environment that creates purpose and meaning for all employees. In addition to learning the strategic planning process, you will have an opportunity to create a plan of action to immediately implement in your organization.

6 Types of Working Genius

Understand Your Gifts, Your Frustrations, and Your Team! 

The 6 types of Working Genius is a new model that helps people discover their natural gifts and thrive in their work and life. When people are able to better understand the types of work that bring them more energy and fulfillment and avoid work that leads to frustration and failure, they can be more self-aware, more productive and more successful.

Working Genius identifies the six fundamental activities that are required for any type of work and provides a simple framework for how work gets done. Too many people feel frustrated, underutilized or misunderstood at work. Far too many teams experience failure, feel stuck or are confused because they don't know how to tap into the people around them. Working Genius is changing the way people are thinking about their work and teams, and is leading to more dignified, fulfilled and successful work