Speaking Engagements

Does your organization need a jump start? Looking for someone to come and help your employees better their lives? If you’re looking for someone remarkable on the topic of motivation and change, you just found him. I want to give you three reasons for having me come and speak at your organization or event. 

Reason #1: My messages come from my experiences. I struggled for years to find my true self. Battled anxiety and depression, only to be a better person on the other side. I'd love to help your audience find their identity and purpose too. 

Reason #2: I will offer your audience tools that I have learned to help them reach their full potential. They won't leave with just a pen and notepad, but easy, practical ways to start on a journey towards purpose! We each have a "soulprint" that is our gift to the world, let's find yours! 

Reason #3: I have a heart for leadership. I believe in making everyone better leaders. When a leader gets better everyone benefits. I've made it my mission in my professional life to become a better leader and I want to help your audience do the same.