Finding Myself Again

My struggle with mental health and finding peace again

In the summer of 2020, gold medalist Simone Biles pulled herself from the Olympic competition because she knew that she wasn’t mentally in a good place. She was criticized, belittled, and told to suck it up. 

Brad Otto, a Lutheran pastor, was in awe of how she handled it as he once found himself in a similar place with a similar lack of support.

In this book, he highlights his struggles with mental health, which have included trips to emergency rooms, a stay at a mental hospital, and a search to find inner peace and healing.

He reveals that as a pastor, he felt as though he had to conform to a certain persona—and mental illness did not align with what he was meant to convey. Often, the church failed to support him as he worked toward recovery. 

The author observes that since we can’t see our mental health, we often ignore it. As people around us can’t see it either, we have an excuse not to deal with it.

Join the author as he reveals how he’s battled to find mental health in an often-unforgiving world.

praise for "Finding Myself Again"

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* I enjoyed this book because as a person with an anxiety disorder I did not feel alone after I read Brad Ottos journey .I too experienced many of the same hardships of being diagnosed & finding a path of healing that worked for me. Mental health needs to be a priority in our country to all. It’s the foundation of our well-being ! Thank you Brad Otto for your voice to start a conversation and being vulnerable to help others by sharing your story. I highly recommend this book to help others find their joy again. 

*This is a great book. If you or someone you know is dealing with mental health issues, Brad tells his story of what his life was like dealing with mental issues / anxiety & how he got the help he needed to feel great again. Get your copy today !

Once I picked up the book, I couldn’t put it down. The author is so real and able to connect with the reader discussing mental health. Not only was the connection built but all those little tricks that might help others are laid out. Def a must read!!

Wow! Well done, relatable, encouraging and validating! Thank you, Brad Otto, for sharing your story and path to healing! Highly recommend this book for those who suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and/or hopelessness. Great advice and direction to help you find your personal path to healing.

This book has changed my life. Everyone has a story. The personal journey Pastor Brad Otto shares in this book is so raw, honest, genuine, humble and inspiring. It will help you grow as a person while being more self aware and recognizing the personal challenges of the humans around us. Highly, highly recommend.